Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute

Has there ever been an era when women’s leadership is so vital, so vulnerable and also so celebrated? The age of digital communications has brought increased visibility to female-led enterprises and to the causes and crises that affect women specifically, but it’s also intensified challenges that women and girls face, like the loss of self-esteem through the influence of social media.

When former Senator Olympia Snowe retired from her storied public service in the U.S. Senate with a focus on strengthening Maine, she recognized how critical it is to have strong women at the table and how precarious their place can be. Since 2015, her Women’s Leadership Institute has encouraged hundreds of high school girls to strengthen and share their values, voices, and visions through strategic programs focused on advancing their outcomes. The Institute’s mission of raising girls’ confidence and hopes is rooted in nurturing skills and broadening exposure to what’s possible. I’m incredibly honored to serve on the Development Committee that works to secure funding for this important organization. Promoting the impact of the Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute promotes recognition and opportunity for the women who are leading us today and who will lead our future. Click here to learn more about supporting this incredible Maine institution.