Meet Julia Trujillo Luengo

Julia is a ray of sunshine and on the day of her photo shoot, she brought her two amazing daughters who are equally as incredible. We love meeting the next generation! She currently serves as the Director of Strategic Planning Management for the Maine Community College System, overseeing the development and implementation of strategic initiatives to enhance educational opportunities across the state.

My name is Julia Trujillo Luengo and I am a Strategic Planning Management Director for the Maine Community College System.

What are you know for (or would like to be known for)?

I believe I am known as a leader who is a genuine, bold and visionary leader anchored in community and driven by addressing systemic inequities and expanding opportunities for all but especially Maine’s racial, ethnic and linguistic minorities.

What is the first word that comes to mind to describe Maine / Portland?


Who is the Mainer who most inspires you (past or present)?

I can’t pick one. I am inspired by the common thread of Maine. How the land, its conditions, our 2 degrees of separation, our sense of community create a common thread, which leads to our unique character.

What is Portland / Maine’s biggest challenge?

Maintain its small town and authentic feel while embracing its popularity and growth.

What is Portland / Maine’s greatest asset?

Its small town-feel with endless possibilities to enjoy outside activities and spaces.

How would you like to see Portland / Maine changed 5 years from now?

I’d like Portland to grow in a way that reflects all its residents. Not all of us can afford (or are interested to eat) in high-end restaurants. Diversification of options and broader cultural manifestations of who lives in Portland would be refreshing, so that our city reflects our diversity in all aspects of city life.

What is your favorite local restaurant / brewery / store?

I love thrift and antique shops and for a good atmosphere mid day I love going to Coffee Me Up on Cumberland Avenue. They make everything with so much love.

What is your favorite outdoor spot?

I love sitting by the water. I am a big ocean person (as I am an islander!). I love Maine's rugged coast. I love the small hidden towns that live and breath Maine's working waterfronts. I feel at home in those places. It brings me great peace and I love everything that comes from the sea, especially sardines and oysters!

What are your thoughts on what makes women’s leadership unique / how Maine women can work together to create impact?

I think women lead with a wider lens perspective. We can navigate big picture and small picture with ease and not only see how the dots connect but what is between the dots. We lead with empathy and form strong and deep relationships that allow for trust and a common goal to surface with ease.

How/why did you decide to make Maine home?

Maine was very remote from where I was born and grew up - the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa. I wanted to improve my English and then fell in love with a Mainer. I have been in Maine for 24 years. I have two daughters who were born here and now I call Maine home. I live in Portland with my two daughters, Elia and Vera.

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