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Olympia Snowe: A Mainstay of Women’s Leadership

I’ve mentioned the Women’s Leadership Institute on my blog before. When Senator Snowe decided not to seek reelection in 2012, she shifted her focus to a troubling issue that she’d seen in Maine and just about everywhere else – the diminishing confidence of young women in the formative years between middle and high school. The Institute was founded in 2015 with the mission to raise the confidence and aspirations of high school girls by helping them develop the skills required to be leaders in their lives, families, careers, and communities. I'm honored to serve the Institute as a member of the development committee and to encourage greater awareness and support of its impact.


I’m revisiting the Women’s Leadership Institute in this month’s newsletter as a nod to the new year, when I’ll be launching a monthly feature that showcases women who are impacting our community. You may already know some of the ladies on my list, but I’m excited to share the details of what they are doing and what motivates them to lead.


Learn more about the Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute here and stay tuned to get to know some of the most incredible women making a difference in Maine.


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