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Gratitude – Beyond the Buzz Word

Happy November!
Last weekend I helped my brother move from his tiny apartment to a brighter, cleaner apartment just up the road. My brother suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and processing issues. The littlest things make a HUGE difference to him and affect him more than they would most people. He needs us, his family, and we owe it to him to be there as his support system. Thankfully though, my family was able to move him swiftly and efficiently. I’m ecstatic to report that he’s already feeling settled and happier in his new home. The point of this story? My brother’s move reminded me of why I’m grateful to do what I do — to guide people through a monumental transition in their lives only to watch them come out on the other side happier than before is an incredible honor.
Gratitude….such a buzzword these days yet truly one of my favorite words. November is the month when we focus on what we’re grateful for and this year it feels even more pertinent. The uncertainty and apprehensions of 2020 have deepened my gratitude for the health of those I love so deeply, the fabric of our community, and the opportunity to help neighbors — new and old — feel at home in Maine.
With the virus hitting my tiny island home particularly hard, I’m reminded that we need to be kind to each other, take care of each other, and offer support and love regardless of which side of the aisle we’re on. If we can’t learn from our political leaders, we can at least lead by example.
Another thought…. shop local this year. Support our businesses. Amazon has plenty of money but our local businesses need us more than ever right now. Check out a few of my favorite local vendors and difference-makers through the posts linked below.

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