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Meet Christina Strong

Where to begin with this amazing woman... Christina, Chris, is an absolute superstar. Not only is she a natural-born leader, but she’s also famous in the world of Maine sports as both a legendary athlete and champion of equality. Her basketball skills are still honored on the walls of the University of Maine’s Hall of Fame. When her high school in coastal Maine didn’t have a girl’s soccer team, she paved the road for high school girl’s soccer by playing on the boy’s team (and had the only hat trick in a season!). Chris is a natural-born leader — she advocates for women (and men) of all ages to achieve their fitness goals. And she helps them have fun doing it. She’s brilliant, she’s dynamic and she's fierce. And sometimes I think there’s a reason Title IX was enacted the year she was born.
Here she is in her own words:
My name is Christina Strong. I'm a Personal Trainer and Real Estate Appraiser. I'd like to be known for being a mom, a trainer, and a friend. I'm also a Mid-Coast girl.
The first word that comes to mind when I think of Maine and Portland is... HOME! Not just because I grew up in Maine but because of the feeling and sense of comfort that this place gives us.
The Mainers who most inspire me (past or present) are my parents, without a doubt. They are the epitome of hardworking Mainers from the word go!
I see Portland and Maine’s biggest challenge as growth that strikes a balance between new and old. There's so much energy coming from the new and so many exciting things to embrace, but I hope we continue to honor our unique traditions and the 'old' parts of our communities that have made Maine what we are.
Portland and Maine’s greatest asset is our children. Maine’s next generation holds incredible promise.

How you’d like to see Portland and Maine changed 5 years from now?

I don’t want to see Maine changed. I want to see it enhanced. I want those things that make our state and city beautiful special and unique to be at the forefront of decisions that affect this historical city’s growth.
My favorite local restaurant/brewery/store... North 43 Bistro, The North Point, and The Shop. These spots have amazing character and are worth checking out whether you're local or visiting.
My favorite outdoor spots are Camden Harbor and North Haven.
Women's leadership is unique for a lot of reasons. I've seen what sets us apart in my two grown daughters, both of whom have been leaders on their sports teams and in the classroom. What makes them strong leaders is their ability to lead by example and to do it with respect, grace, and kindness.

How and why did you decide to make Maine home?

That's an easy one! I was born in Rumford and raised in Thomaston. I'm grateful that Maine has always been my home.

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