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Meet Lindy Graham

Lindy Graham is the epitome of grace. Her very presence is calming. What Lindy has done to help those suffering from mental health disorders in Maine is nothing short of amazing. I am truly honored to shed light on the importance of her work — she is an inspiration to all.
My name is Lindy Graham. I'm the founder and CEO of WellSpace Maine. I hope that if I’m known for anything (outside of my kids knowing that I am always there for them), it would be that my company has succeeded in providing greater access to mental health care in Maine. WellSpace is a counseling practice with 40 therapists in Southern Maine. We also have an arm of our practice called WellSpace@Work where we partner with Maine employers like Allagash Brewing Company, Bowdoin College, and Mount Desert Island Hospital, to provide counseling and wellness education to employees.
It's hard to choose just one word that comes to mind when I think of Portland and Maine. Nature and resilience seem right to me. We are a hardy bunch and certainly, our beloved coastal towns proved that this winter.
The Mainer who most inspires me is the poet Andrea Gibson who is currently the Poet Laureate of Colorado. I feel immense pride that they are from Maine. Their poetry is life-changing, in my opinion. They sometimes post little notes to themselves on Instagram, like this one, "The degree to which you feel whole is the degree to which you are aware of your connection to every living being."

What are Portland / Maine’s biggest challenges?

There are a few that seem equally challenging–the climate crisis, access to affordable housing, and access to affordable health care.

What are Portland / Maine’s greatest assets?

I talk a lot about access, I realize, but access to nature in so many forms, I believe, is one of Maine’s greatest assets. I also feel so optimistic about the sense of community in Maine. People are genuine and sincere about finding solutions for the struggles of Mainers.

How would you like to see Portland / Maine changed 5 years from now?

I think for us to thrive in Maine, we need to seriously overhaul some systems nationally. I see the ways individuals, organizations, and the Maine legislature work hard to address issues, but we all see that our systems are failing so many people. We are overdue for a new New Deal; we have to remember our, and others', basic humanity and create systems that lift everyone.

What are some of your favorites - restaurant, brewery, store?

The food scene here is so amazing, but for sure my favorites are all of the wonderful businesses in the industry that we have the pleasure to work with: Street Dining, Central Provisions, Tipo, Evo, Twelve, Allagash Brewing, Rising Tide Brewing, and Bissell Brothers Brewing.

And your favorite outdoor spot?

The very easy answer to this question is a beach on the island where I grew up, Southport, in the Boothbay region.

What are your thoughts on what makes women’s leadership unique and how Maine women can work together to create an impact?

I think it’s fair to say that all women have experienced oppression in some form, and yet women in leadership roles also have a tremendous amount of access and privilege. I think it’s that duality that encourages us to use our influence with compassion and consideration, as well as to make sure we step aside to create space for those who are underrepresented.

How and why did you decide to make Maine home?

Growing up in Maine, I was one of those teenagers who left as soon as I could to go see more of the world, but I came home almost 20 years ago now!  I’m so grateful to be near family, to be able to enjoy all that Maine has to offer, and to be able to provide the quality of life that I imagined for my kids.

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