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Meet Melissa Skahan

What is your name and occupation?


My name is Melissa Skahan, I am Vice President Mission Integration at Northern Light Mercy Hospital.


What are you known for (or would like to be known for)?


I hope to be known as someone who shows up for other people - compassionate person who embodies curiosity, reverence, and humility.


What is the first word that comes to mind to describe Maine and/or Portland?


Potential – Portland is a highly collaborative city with great values and commitment to its people, the environment, the arts, and great food.


Who is the Mainer who most inspires you (past or present)?


I am so inspired by the legacy and charism of the Sisters of Mercy and have the privilege of working at Mercy Hospital. Their commitment to respond to unmet need, to stand with those on the margins, and to advance comprehensive approaches to influence complex needs such as access to care, homelessness, substance use disorder, and more has influenced me as a leader and person.

If I had to choose one Sister (which is no easy feat) I would highlight Sister Mary George O’Toole, a longtime leader of the Sisters of Mercy in Maine and former President of St. Joseph’s College. Sr. Mary George laid the groundwork for the development of the original McAuley Residence and has such clarity of faith and the needs of vulnerable families. Her steadfast leadership and vision brought forth McAuley Residence, a transitional housing program for women that was redesigned in 2010. McAuley has emerged as a powerful resource for families affected by substance use disorder with plans for statewide expansion.


What do you see as Portland and/or Maine’s biggest challenge?


Affordable housing is a critical need to advance the overall health and well-being of the community as well as business.


What do you think Portland and/or Maine’s greatest asset?


A strength of Portland is the ease of partnerships and authentic collaboration to advance the common good for all people. The growing diversity is such a gift as many newcomers are the future workforce and will drive growth for Portland.


How would you like to see Portland and/or Maine changed 5 years from now?


With continued thoughtful development, Portland will see a shift in transportation through improved walkability and alternative modes of travel. Current climate resiliency efforts to build sustainable neighborhoods and connection holds great potential. I’d love to see vibrant neighborhoods with neighbors that know each other well and have more green space with increased trees and our local trails. I am excited to see what the future holds for Portland.


What is your favorite local restaurant / brewery / store?


I love seafood and my go-to restaurant is Street and Co. Their flawless preparation keeps me coming back. I also love Noble Barbecue on a cool Sunday afternoon and many of the local breweries.


Favorite outdoor spot?


My favorite spot is on the westside of Frye Island – great sunsets over the mountains and love diving off my dock. I have a special fondness for Monhegan Island and boating anywhere in Downeast.


What are your thoughts on what makes women’s leadership unique and how Maine women can work together to create impact?


Women are incredibly creative, resilient, solution-focused, and expert innovators and multitaskers. Our ability to create safe space to celebrate and challenge each other will only make Maine better.


How/why did you decide to make Maine home?


I love the ability to have a great meal in Portland and then escape to an island on Maine’s rugged coast, one of the beautiful lakes, or to our mountains. We have it all here – great people committed to the common good and willing to work together to address any challenge. 



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