Less Plastic, More Cookies

“Happy people make the world go around.”

I love this inspiring mantra from Sweet Sea Cookies and the principle that guides their joy-driven, Earth-conscious cookie making. With a simple goal to spread hope and good cheer through baked goodness, Sweet Sea Cookies is committed to educating and inspiring us to use less plastic so that we can enjoy cleaner oceans and preserve our ‘sweet seas.’ Three decadent varieties of vegan cookies are a tasty reason to stop by the Market Street shop. If you’ve got to justify your sweet tooth, you’ll be delighted by the uplifting aim to make our world a cleaner and healthier place.

Supporting local businesses has always been a top priority for me. Part of what makes Maine so special is the local bond and sense of community that we share. So when a business shares a mission to make our community and world healthier and happier, I’m all in. Check out more at www.thesweetsea.com.