Maine Maple Sunday

Maine is full of unique traditions that celebrate our natural richness. One of my annual favorites is fast approaching… it’s a celebration of our land and growers, but also marks a sweet turning point in the calendar.

Maine Maple Sunday, recognized each year on the last Sunday in March, has become a collective celebration for dozens of sugarhouses that welcome visitors to learn about and taste the sweet harvest of their maple groves. In ordinary years, throngs of visitors would be trekking to the farms that open their gates for family-friendly tours and syrup tastings. In any season, outdoor entertainment and enjoying the local harvest are Maine hallmarks, right?

This year’s maple-tasting tours are more restricted than usual, but there are always opportunities to support agribusiness and Maine’s incredible growers. Check out the Real Maine site for a guide to the local bounty. And be on the look out for Maple Sunday collaborations like Lone Pine Brewery’s brown ale.