Emily’s Oysters

How did I not know about this before?! On one of my recent trips to the farmers’ market, I made a fabulous new discovery - Emily’s Oysters. Experienced mariner Emily Selinger launched her eponymous operation in 2018 and she’s been tirelessly cultivating, harvesting and selling amazing Casco Bay oysters since. The small-scale operation provides some of the cleanest and tastiest oysters available from our local waters. We loved them raw – the real test of oyster quality – but we also tried grilling them, which was a first for us. The oysters are done as soon as they pop open on the grill and since they basically steam in their own shells, they stay perfectly juicy and pick up a hint of smoky flavor. What I love just as much as the superb taste is that Emily’s Oysters promotes women in aquaculture and works to preserve Maine’s marine ecosystem.

If you’re a Portland local, you can enjoy Emily’s Oysters by finding her at farmers’ markets twice a week or by purchasing a CSA. Buying in secures your allotment of oysters at any time of the year (for pick-up or delivery!) and ensures the environmental health of our oceans and waterways while supporting a woman-led enterprise. Does it get any better?