Enjoy Après Anytime

Après is one of Portland’s chicest watering new holes, not just for its selection of craft beverages and the industrial modern aesthetic of its tasting room, but for the ethos that powers everything they do. Celebrating Maine is at the heart of the Après mission. From the locally-sourced fresh ingredients, attention to sustainable living, and, most especially, emphasis on community, Après is hellbent on highlighting the lifestyle and flavors that are uniquely Maine.

The East Bayside tasting room is a very cool place to hang out – velvet banquettes in wood-clad alcoves kind of cool – but the canned craft beverages are easy to take anywhere if you can’t linger on site. Packing a couple of hard seltzers for a late summer trail hike is my recent favorite. Après produces hard cider (gluten free!) and hard seltzer with sophisticated, earthy flavor combinations like strawberry basil, ginger lemon, and lime and pine. If you come hungry, there are charcuterie platters from the Après kitchen, or you can count on food trucks by the enormous patio.

I’m such a fan of Après that it’s where I’ve chosen to host my upcoming client appreciation event. I’d love to have you there! If you haven’t received a separate invitation but you are interested in joining me to bid adieu to summer, just click here.