Saving Our Planet with GoGo Refills

It’s hard to ignore the increasing impact of single-use plastics, especially for those of us who live so near the water and cherish the preservation of natural marine habitats. Did you know that more than 8 million TONS of plastic enter our oceans every year? None of it biodegrades. That’s one of the reasons that Laura Marston launched GoGo Refills. Her own New Year’s resolution to quit using plastic water bottles blossomed into a business that provides package-free options and bulk refills for just about any household purpose you can imagine, from kitchen cleaning to toothpaste tablets and beauty products.

Laura’s reassurance to waste-reducing newbies is that there’s really no inconvenience in changing how you buy and refill your everyday products… and the difference you make by doing so is huge. In GoGo’s first year, Laura and her customers prevented the purchase of almost 20,000 plastic packages.

Check out the store’s inventory in person at 62 E Street, South Portland or online here, and explore how simple it is to reduce dependency on single-use plastics.