I've got to share a little plug for my baby sis — there is no stronger woman on the planet. She’s a mom of a 4 year old, she serves on more boards and organizations than I can count on one hand, she holds down at least two jobs AND she is the chief of the North Haven EMS.

On North Haven, the island where I grew up, volunteers are what makes the island as special as it is. It's the same way in a lot of rural Maine, where community members rely on each other. One of the most important organizations for islanders and rural Mainers is LifeFlight. If someone has a health emergency, LifeFlight dispatches a helicopter that gets them to life-saving medical care. It is truly a life saving operation for islanders and for the thousands of patients who have received rescue care over their 23 years.

LifeFlight relies on donations in order to provide its life-giving service. As part of her commitment to community, my sister is swimming 3 miles (IN THE OCEAN!) as a fundraiser for this incredible organization. She welcomes your support. If you would like to pledge, please make a gift by clicking here.