Wine Wise Sails

We took one of these sails a few weeks back. It was the perfect night, we were celebrating my friend’s birthday and the wine was delicious. I would highly recommend this adventure because sailing Casco Bay on a sommelier-curated wine cruise truly is a ‘must-do’ in the summertime.

Wine Wise is renowned for events that include sailing, walking tours, and dinners, and also for a wine club that caters to members in Portland and 15 more surrounding towns. The reputation is built not just on the expertise of sommelier Erica Archer and the thoughtful details for each event, but on Wine Wise’s commitment to supporting local businesses and strengthening the community.

Sailing events are scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through October 9th, often selling out. Advance reservations are required and arriving on time to the busy Old Port departure point is essential. Explore the calendar and details here and book your trip before the rest of the season sells out.