The Styled Home

The name speaks for itself! Real estate professionals and savvy sellers know that staging a home is critical to listing success. Contrary to some misperception, staging is not a costly add-on, especially when you consider how it adds value to a home’s presentation and encourages higher offers. The Styled Home is my go-to for all staging needs, not only for the extensive inventory (10,000 square feet!), but for noteworthy client service and a wealth of Maine market experience. With more than 20 years in business, founder Elizabeth Polansky has built a design empire that includes staging for listings, furnishing rentals, custom interior design, AND a furniture showroom where you can find new and selectively consigned pieces to enhance your home environment. Being homebound for the past year has made a lot of us re-think our living spaces, especially if we’ve had to adapt them to at-home work and school settings. Since the demand for furniture has sky-rocketed, we’re lucky to have The Styled Home’s incredible showroom selection to refresh our homes and ensure satisfaction with our surroundings.

Whether you need a single piece or a holistic re-design, check out the resources offered by The Styled Home. Want more information on what’s involved in staging to sell? I’m here to answer your questions, big or small.