Calderwood Hall

Admittedly, it’s not easy to plan a night out on North Haven, my hometown. But should you decide to make a weekend of it and spend a night or two at Nebo Lodge, be sure to visit Calderwood Hall, a true culinary gem, while you’re there. Not only is the space amazing — it used to be North Haven’s only basketball court — but the pizza is truly the best. It’s also become a community gathering spot with movie nights, trivia nights and all around year-round fun.

About ten years ago, the historic structure was purchased by current-owner Cecily Pingree. Now the space houses four apartments for year-round living and a restaurant and brewery. The restaurant is open Saturdays and Sundays through October 30th, serving up artisanal pizzas, charcuterie boards, and small plates onsite or to go. There’s a fully stocked bar with a lot of Maine beer on tap, including the North Haven Brewing Co. that’s made downstairs.

Owned and operate by islanders, Calderwood Hall welcomes residents and visitors to the North Haven lifestyle. The best part — my daughter, Eliza, is a server there. Be sure to say hi if you see her. Rumor is that she’s asked nightly if we’re related. She looks a tiny bit like me. 😉

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