The greater Portland area is an incredibly desirable part of the northeast. Maine’s iconic shoreline is a huge part of the appeal, with both rocky shore and sandy beaches open to the public. Outdoor activities, both winter and summer, beckon to the adventurous of all ages, while cultural events are abundant given the plethora of private colleges and public universities, museums, and Maine’s rich history. Foodies will appreciate the multitude of restaurants, many of which reflect the rich diversity of cultures that can be found in this area. As well, the number of craft breweries has doubled in the past five years. For the younger set, many of the schools in this area are very highly rated. You will find that Maine’s crime rate is consistently among the lowest of all fifty states. The Portland area is a great place to make your home.

Each of these individual cities and towns have their own identity, their own features, and their own personality. One of them will be a great fit for you.

Home to Bowdoin College as well as cultural and educational amenities.

A coastal headland boasting beautiful nature and culinary bounty.

Exceptional schools and a strong sense of community year-round.

A bustling shopping town and gateway to nature.

Small-town feel with unique neighborhoods and larger city appeal.

Easy access to Portland, with diversity and ocean views.

Both old and new neighborhoods, with trails and beaches.

Tree-lined streets and small town charm near Portland.